The form of simplicity

Pilot - Matic 1972

The inspiration of the Collection comes from the famous B-Uhr of German air force in the War. “U-Uhr” [B-Uhr] was a kind of watch which was distributed universally in German air force in World War Two, having large size, luminous surface and hands, which was used in navigation for fighters, the main function of B-Ur watch is to provide accurate navigation and time reading for pilots to travel and fly in long distance when they calculated the duration of voyage during the war. The traditional pilot-watch must have a great demand of good light in night, design of highly visible surface with high contrast and big second hand at the centre. In order to inherit the design essence for the watch of German pilots, Unizeit has made the most convenient daily-wear pilot watch for our watch fans. All the Collection retains traditional hand-made blue hands. And its surface and hands are, continuing the tradition of B-Uhr, coated with Super-LumiNova long after-glow phosphor material which has zero radioactivity.