The form of simplicity


In a speech, the famous German philosopher Gottlieb Fichte emphasized the German national character—“Taking everything seriously, without any carelessness and reckless attitude.” Germany is the birthplace of world industrial standardization.

Approximately two thirds of the international machinery manufacturing standards come from the German Standards Association. It covers various industries such as the automobile industry, service industry, machinery manufacturing, chemical technology, and electronics industry. There are more than 30,000 items in total. This is the "Germany The solid foundation of manufacturing. Made in Germany pursues precise perfectionism.

"Made in Germany" has become a representative of "quality", "reliability" and "reputation". All U-Lishi watches are designed and manufactured in Germany. Each watch is selected, manufactured and adjusted according to strict German manufacturing standards.

Every Ulysse watch is made by Ernst Mitschele, an old watch factory with a good reputation for eighty years. In 1932, the watchmaker “Ernst Mitschele” established a watch factory named after him in Pforzheim, a watchmaking town located on the northern edge of the Black Forest, Germany.

The Ernst Mitschele factory is also one of the initiators of the “Made in Germany” watch industry standard. The “Made in Germany” on each unizeit is the best interpretation of German quality. As an independent small brand, unizeit also completes the manufacture and adjustment of its watches in Germany in strict accordance with high standards. Every Ulisse watch has obtained the “Certificate of Origin of Made in Germany” issued by the German government with high standards, and obtained complete and legal customs declaration procedures for entering the Chinese market.