The form of simplicity


The form of simplicity

Simply design, high quality manufacturing, brilliant movement is the Unizeit way of making watches. The philosophy of "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication ", focuses on the watch with simple appearance, selected movements, and strong German design esthetic.

The design inspiration of Unizeit watch comes from the popular vintage timepieces between 1930s to 1970s. It extracts the design elements from the traditional Bauhaus and pragmatism design.


This all stems from the love of vintage styling watches.

In 2015, Aline D Glosse and her partner Tony Zhou, the creative director, started the new story of Uniziet in Pforzheim, “the city of gold”, famous watchmaking town in the black forest of southern Germany. At the beginning, they planned to make a watch with simple appearance but good quality by using the watchmaking experience accumulated over generations and selecting high grade accessories suppliers. Each watch can meet the high-quality of “Made in Germany” standard.

The “Made in Germany" on every Unizeit watch is the best interpretation of German quality. As an independent young brand, Unizeit strictly follows the “Made in Germany” standard, produces and calibrates the watches in the Mitschele factory.

At present, Unizeit has offices set up in Pforzheim, Hong Kong and Chengdu.