The form of simplicity

Unizeit ,a German mechanical wristwatch brand, opens a national exhibition of new pilot watches

2016-09-05 12:02:00

The German high-quality mechanical wristwatch brand unizeit unizeit recently launched a national tour of the new product "contemporary b-uhr pilot watch", and launched two pilot wristwatches in Chengdu Hendry.

"Unizeit " as a high-quality watch brand of mizilai, an old watch making factory in Pforzheim city of Heilin, has been adhering to the watch making philosophy of "simplicity in form and excellence in core" since its inception, and has created a series of simple and retro watches with high movement configuration. The design inspiration of wristwatch mainly comes from German traditional Bauhaus style and military use chronometer elements in 1930s and 1940s. With the help of modern processing technology to make watches, the elements of classical clocks and watches are perfectly integrated with the new generation of watch making technology. Its products are mainly equipped with high-grade precision grinding machine movement, each watch is supplemented by strict assembly and adjustment, fully demonstrating the German craftsman spirit.